The 15th at Cobbs Creek Golf Course

"PPGA Championships are open to amateur golfers. All public, private or players without a club affiliation are welcome to participate in PPGA events."



Upcoming "PPGA" Events

2021 PPGA Schedule

May 15, 16, 17 or 20 - Qualifying for PPGA Match Play Championship at Turtle Creek GC - Application

May 20 - PPGA Better-Ball Championship at Turtle Creek GC - Application

May 23 - PPGA Father-Son Championship at Twin Ponds GC - Application

June 28- PPGA Mid-Amateur Championship at Yardley CC - Application

2021"Club" Events

March 27 - Par 3 Championship at Jeffersonville GC - Results

May 1 - Coatesville Invitational @ Coatesville CC - Registration

May 7 - Yardley Invitational @ Yardley CC - Application

August 7 & 8 - Phoenixville Open at Kimberton GC - Application


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Czerniakowski and Moffat top Senior Field by one for PPGA Senior BB victory

Dorminy and Prendergast take Super-Senior at Turtle Creek

Press and Pawuluch claim inaugural "Legends Division" in Senior BB

McIlhenny and O'Malley win Scorecard Playoff for PPGA Net Senior Better-Ball

John DiValentino scores Hole-in-One at Senior Better-Ball Championship

Scoring for PPGA Senior Match Play Qualifying

Scoring for PPGA Super-Senior Match Play Qualifying

Scoring for PPGA Match Play Qualifying

Starting Times - PPGA Better-Ball Championship

PPGA Father-Son Application Deadline - May 16

Yardley wins PPGA Team Championship

Little Mill captures Senior PPGA Team Championship

PPGA GHIN Handicap Application Form

PPGA Player of the Year Standings

Holes-in-One by PPGA Players

2021 PPGA Senior Better-Ball Champions, Mike Moffat and Mark Czerniakowski

2021 PPGA Senior Better-Ball "Legends Division" Champions, Ray Pawulich and Howard Press

2021 PPGA Team Champions, Yardley CC, Doug Baran, Paul Rogowicz,
Jackie Rogowicz, John Buliga and Greg Buliga

2021 PPGA Senior Team Champions, Little Mil CC, Joe Roeder, Ed Kahn,
Bill Cregar, Carlos Ochoa and Chris Desana

2020 Atlantic Publinks Challenge, PPGA team members (from left to right): David Shields, Adam Bracy, Joe Roeder, Chris Fieger, Sr., David Kimbley, Thomas Weir, Chris Swartz, Kevin Turner, Curtis Geiger, Andrew Jaskel, Ed Kahn, CJ Bell, Jason Loehrs, Luis Diaz, Michael Brown, Caleb Ryan

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