14th Hole at Cobbs Creek GC

Guidelines for Team Matches

1) Team rosters – Players must be an active member at the course that they are representing and an amatuer. No professionals are permitted to compete and represent the club. All players must be in good standing with the PPGA. A player can only be on one roster.

2) Each club will field a team of twelve players on each week. Six players will play at home and six will play away.

3) A team’s lineup will be based on the preference of the team captain.

4) All matches are played at scratch. The matches will be two nine hole singles matches and an eighteen hole singles match. There will also be a better-ball match in each foursome, front nine, back nine and eighteen hole match. Each match is worth 1 point for a total of three points per match. If a match is halved each team will receive a ½ point. The team with the most points wins the match. If team A beats team B, then team A is 1-0 and team B is 0-1.

5) Line-ups for each team should be exchanged prior to the match and should not be sent ahead of time.

6) If a player does not show for his match that match will be forfeited. If a player is late for the match, the match will tee on schedule. The player can show up until a second shot is struck on the first hole. From that point the match will be forfeited. The score will be recorded as 3-0.

7) All matches should start between 8 and 9am on Sunday. Exceptions will be made in advance with courses that need adjustments. Captains should communicate with opposing captains to agree on starting times. If alternate dates/times are needed, this will be approved by the PPGA committee

8) There will be NO greens fees for the visiting team. If you are required to take a cart you must pay for the cart.

9) Each team will have a home and away team captain. Both captains must review and sign the score sheet at the conclusion of the match. The home team captain or a member of the Pro shop staff, if they desire, is responsible for the team scoring and e-mailing or texting the score sheet to 267-535-1046 or pats@phillypublinks.com as soon as the matches are complete. Results will be posted to the PPGA website www.phillypublinks.com as soon as possible after results are reported. Once the score sheet is signed by the captains and submitted, the results are final.

10) The team with the best record at the conclusion of the matches will be declared the Terracciano Cup Champion. If there is a tie for the best record (either two or three teams), the tied teams will have a playoff on May 7.

11) The visiting team has the honor on the first tee. The matches will be played from the championship tee markers. From that point the better-ball match should be used to determine the order of play.

12) All matches will follow USGA rules. Local PPGA rule, measuring devices will be allowed. The ball will be played down unless conditions (weather or lack of growth) deem it not possible. Winter rules may be used, lift clean and place in your own fairway only. Under NO circumstaces can a match be played with lift, clean and place in effect throughout the entire golf course. We will play in rain but not thunder and lighting. Both areas will be determined by either the Head Pro or the home team captain. The home course pro and superintendent will have the final say as to whether the course is playable due to rain. Captains may not agree to call a match a draw as this compromises the integrity of the competition. Penalty for this breach is a loss in the standings for both teams.

13) If matches cannot be played due to weather issues, the make-up date will be the following Saturday (or any time before then if agreed to by the captains). Exceptions can be granted by the PPGA committee for any scheduling conflicts. If neither team shows-up to play the match when the match is scheduled, the match will be declared a forfeit and both teams will be awarded a loss.

14) The PPGA committee will be the final arbiter in all disputes and the ruling(s) by the committee are final.



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