Match Play Championship Rules

The rules for the PPGA Match Play, Senior Match Play Championship and Super-Senior Match Play Championships are the same for all and eligible participants are eligible to compete in all if they wish.

Qualifying will be held in conjunction with the PPGA Senior Better-Ball Championship at Turtle Creek GC, Monday, May 6 and the PPGA Better-Ball Championship, Thursday, May 9. Players will also be able to qualify Saturday, May 4 or Sunday, May 5. Everyone is guaranteed at least one match as the championship flight will consist of the top 32 qualifiers for both the amateur division as well as the senior and super-senior divisions. In the event of a tie for the final match play qualifying position the USGA tie-breaking method will be used. Players not qualifying for the championship flight will be placed in subsequent flights until all players are slotted.

After the brackets are set and opponents are determined, matches will have approximately four weeks to be completed. Any match not completed by the date specified will result in a coin flip or a decision by the committee to determine a winner, if such circumstances warrant. For example, if one player is available three out of the four weekends and the other player is available only one weekend the person who is available the most could be awarded the victory. Matches should be completed as soon as possible to avoid potential weather issues which could prevent a match from being played by the end date. In a circumstance such as this, the deadline will not be extended and the match will result in a coin flip to determine a winner.

Matches should be played at the home course of the higher seed, however, any course can be used if agreed upon by the participants. For example, in the 1 vs. 32 match, the 1 seed should have home course advantage based on his better qualifying score. If the home course of the higher seed is somewhere where greens fees are in excess of the norm, a suitable public facility should be used for the match. The Senior Match Play and Super-Senior Match Play matches should be played from the middle set of tees (men’s tees, as opposed to championship tees). “Senior” tees should not be used if they are available at the course where the match is being played. "1st" flight matches should also be played from the "men's" tees as opposed to the "championship" tees.

A text will go out to the participants of a match from the committee notifying them of their pending match. The players should contact each other immediately to check availability and set up a date to play the match. Players will have four days to contact each other and set a date/time for the match upon which it will be posted to the bracket on the website. If you are unable to get in contact with your opponent, you are to notify the committee immediately. Failure to notify the committee in a timely manner and waiting until a week before the deadline to tell the committee “I have been trying for the last three weeks to get in touch with him” will be unacceptable and failure to play the match will result in a coin flip. Any and all issues should be brought to the attention of the committee immediately, especially relating to player availability or selection of a course. The committee will be the arbiter in all disputes.


Round Cut-Off Dates

Round 1 - June 9

Round 2 - July 7

Quarter-Finals - August 4

Semi-Finals - September 2

Finals - TBD




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