14th Hole at Cobbs Creek GC

GAP and PA Golf Association Tournament Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for Golf Association of Philadelphia (GAP) tournaments as well as Pennsylvania Golf Association tournaments, an individual must be a member in good standing with the Philadelphia Publinks Golf Association (PPGA).

To become a member in good standing with the PPGA, an individual must first have their GHIN handicap with the PPGA. The handicap application and applicable fee can be mailed directly to the PPGA. Upon receipt, your handicap will immediately be activated. The PPGA mailing address is:

PO Box 882
Oaks, PA 19456

Next, the individual must fulfill one of the following options: 1) play in one PPGA championship during the golf season and pay the PPGA membership fee of $100, 2) play in two PPGA Championships during the calendar year, at least one of which must be a multiple day event, or 3) play in at least three PPGA championships during the calendar year. In options two and three there is no membership fee. An individual is not eligible for GAP or PA events until the above criteria have been met.

Under NO circumstances will any individual be approved to play in a GAP or PA event without meeting the above criteria.

To be clear, if an individual is new to the PPGA and wishes to participate in a GAP or PA event he/she must first have their handicap with the PPGA and have fulfilled their PPGA tournament participation requirements. In circumstances where GAP or PA events occur before PPGA events, your tournament application(s) to fulfill your PPGA requirements must be received by the PPGA before you are eligible. Once an individual has fulfilled their requirements he/she will be eligible for participation into GAP and PA tournaments for the calendar year golf season.

To maintain uninterrupted eligibility for subsequent years, an individual must abide by the above criteria on a yearly basis.



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